Floral Decor Ltd

Providing high quality office plants , Plant rental, Plant maintenance and sales.   With almost 30 years experience supplying interior plant displays for offices, hotels & banks throughout Ireland, Floral Decor are recognised for the high quality of our interior plant displays and the exceptional standard of our plant maintenance service.   Take note the next time you enter a contemporary and inviting interior of an office, reception, home or shopping centre, see how the plants impress upon you. A well designed interior plantscape that is professionally maintained will enhance the atmosphere of any space.

Floral Decor can provide handle installations of any size and complexity, and our designers are on hand to help you capitalise on the impact and transformation that plants bring to offices, hotels, shopping centres, car showrooms and leisure clubs, anywhere people work or play indoors.   Whether you require office plants to bring your workplace to life, contemporary displays for your restaurant, or a large scheme to create impact in your shopping centre, we can help you to capitalise on the impact tropical plants can make to any interior space.   We can design and install a creative and cost effective plant display to suit your requirements. As indoor plant and interior plant hire experts; Floral Decor offer the most comprehensive interior and office plant service available.

Buy Plants, Rent Plants or even Hire Plants for Conferences and Exhibitions – Floral Decor are a one-stop-shop for all your interior plant, office plant or home plant needs.


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  • Town/City: Cork
  • Country: Ireland


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