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BREXIT Looming?

on Thursday, 05 September 2019. Posted in News

A Brexit deal has been agreed in principle with the EU.
Both the UK and the EU need to approve and sign the withdrawal agreement.
If the withdrawal agreement is not signed by the UK and the EU, the UK could still leave with no deal. Find out what you, your family, or your business need to do if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.


In no-deal Brexit scenario businesses that trade with the EU will broadly follow the same rules as businesses trading with the rest of the world - so they will need to adapt their companies to comply with these systems, processes and controls.

The first piece of advice is:                                                                                               Register for EORI and the use of Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP).

If you haven't already done this, do it quickly now! Without EORI registration you will not be able to import any products. Without a successful application for TSP, your paperwork submissions will become much more time critical.

In a no-deal Brexit, UK businesses will need to apply the same procedures to EU trade that apply to trading with the rest of the world. You can make it easier to import goods from the EU by using TSP (transitional simplified procedures). You will also need an EORI number to move goods into or out of the EU.

You will need to have a PEACH (Procedure for Electronic Application for Certificates) account - this is a DEFRA system to manage the control of plants coming into the UK and to confirm any necessary health certifications which need to accompany these are in place.

How to open a PEACH account 
To open your PEACH account, you will also need to register via the Government Gateway.
There are a number of steps involved in opening the two accounts. The first step is to open a PEACH account. Register for the PEACH system from Defra. Entering your contact details generates the first of two pieces of information, or ‘known facts’, which are used to identify you. The first known fact is your Company ID. Once your application has been approved, you are sent the second known fact - your trader number.
You will then need a Government Gateway account to log in to PEACH, so the next step is to register as a new user on the Government Gateway website - find out about registering for online government services at the Government Gateway website. You are recommended to print out the screen containing your new User ID and keep it in a safe place. You can also use an existing account, if, for example, you have registered for another service on the Government Gateway.
Download a guide to registering on the Government Gateway from the RPA website. You’ll need your User ID and your Government Gateway password to log in to the PEACH system for the first time. 
The PEACH system applies to England and Wales but not to Scotland or Northern Ireland. However, it does apply to Scottish and Northern Ireland businesses whose imports arrive first through English or Welsh points of entry. Scottish importers should contact the Scottish Government Rural Payments and Inspections Directorate on 08457 741 741. Those from Northern Ireland should contact the DARD Trade Helpline on 028 9052 0207. 
EORI number
You need an EORI number to move goods into or out of the EU.
In case of no-deal Brexit you’ll need an EORI number that starts with letters 'GB' and will be 12 digits long. If you’re registered for VAT it will include your VAT registration number.
Transitional Simplified Procedures will reduce the amount of information importers need to give in an import declaration when the goods are crossing the border. They do this by allowing importers to defer:
  • giving a full declaration until after the goods have crossed the border
  • paying any duty until the month after import
If tariffs apply to the goods that you import, and you want to use transitional simplified procedures, they will need to defer paying any import duties by setting up a direct debit.
TSP will give businesses time to prepare to use the full customs processes that already apply to imports from non-EU countries
Businesses can register for TSP if they:
  • have an EORI number
  • are established in the UK
  • are importing goods from the EU into the UK
Authorise the 3rd party to make the import declarations
Some of the companies offer full clearance services for fast and efficient customs handling and to make the import declarations and submit them directly to the customs authorities. Please speak to your suppliers.
Find commodity codes for imports into or exports out of the EU
You’ll need a commodity code to make your customs declaration when you bring goods in or send goods out of the EU. This includes goods sent to you from abroad. For more information click here
What to expect on day one of a ‘no deal’ scenario: Importing and exporting plants and plant products (pdf) This pack produced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs outlines key changes to import and export processes for plants and plant products.
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