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Welcome to plants@work

Welcome to the Plants at Work (formerly efig ltd) website  - the association representing Interior Landscapers by promoting the use and benefits of Interior Plants.










We are delighted to announce that after 17 years, efig is rebranding. As of 22 January 2018 we are known as the Plants at Work  Ltd - plants@work 
The reason for this change is to make our association more relevant. plants@work says exactly what and who we are and clearly states what our main aim is, to supply businesses with first class interior planting to improve their workplaces aesthetically and for wellbeing.
There are many benefits of joining us, including:
  • Industry Representation
  • Great Business Opportunities
  • Fantastic Training Programme
  • Networking

Thanks Plants!

on Wednesday, 11 September 2019. Posted in Latest News

From 16 September, the Flower Council of Holland (FCH) will launch its Thanks Plants! consumer campaign for a second time. The main message of this campaign is to highlight all the benefits that plants bring and what that they do for us: they help us to relax, they bring us closer to nature, and make our house a home.

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The commercial
In the UK, the campaign will start to be visible across our own media channels on Thejoyofplants.co.uk, and will be an online-only campaign which will sit on all social media channels through video, promoted social media posts and Instagram stories. The campaign will also be supported by an exciting London PR activity in October to bring the campaign to an end.

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The Thanks Plant message in a nutshell
Plants make you more energetic, relaxed, happier and healthier, all in exchange for just a little water. They help us to connect with what really matters. And as they grow, the people around them grow too. Time for a thank you.

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Campaign materials available
Join in on the campaign from mid-September on social media, download a poster or your premises - downloads ready to print and free of charge.

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Poster Thanks Plants! A1

Poster Thanks Plants! A3Poster Thanks Plants! A3

Poster Thanks Plants "Stress Relief" A1

Poster Thanks Plants "Stress Relief" A3

Poster Thanks Plants "Reconnect with Nature" A1

Poster Thanks Plants "Reconnect with Nature" A3

Poster Thanks Plants "Health & Wellbeing" A1

Poster Thanks Plants "Health & Wellbeing" A3

Poster Thanks For making me feel good" A1