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Welcome to plants@work

Welcome to the Plants at Work (formerly efig ltd) website  - the association representing Interior Landscapers by promoting the use and benefits of Interior Plants.










We are delighted to announce that after 17 years, efig is rebranding. As of 22 January 2018 we are known as the Plants at Work  Ltd - plants@work 
The reason for this change is to make our association more relevant. plants@work says exactly what and who we are and clearly states what our main aim is, to supply businesses with first class interior planting to improve their workplaces aesthetically and for wellbeing.
There are many benefits of joining us, including:
  • Industry Representation
  • Great Business Opportunities
  • Fantastic Training Programme
  • Networking

The Chrysanthemum - it must be September

on Wednesday, 12 September 2018. Posted in News

We know it's September when the focus is on the Chrysanthemum even though they are available all year round. For years they've been popular in China and Japan where this originally golden flower is well celebrated. In fact its name is derived from the Greek: chrys (gold) and anthemon (flower).

Chrys f 4

In Japan, the Imperial Seal of Japan is a chrysanthemum and the institution of the monarchy is also called the Chrysanthemum Throne. They even celebrate the flower with the Festival of Happiness.

Chrys f 6

While in China the Chrysanthemum is known as one of the Four Gentlemen in Chinese and East Asian art alongside Cherry blossom, the orchid and Bamboo. 

Chrys f 7

And we carry on the love here as this flower brings warmth and beautiful autumn colours to our flower displays as well as a long vase life

Colours and shapes
Of course Chrysanths are available in many more colours than the original gold or yellow ranging from golds, bronzes and oranges to deep reds, pinks, purples and green and white. Then of course their shapes continue to add to its range of possibilities with spray, disbudded or Santini chrysanthemums as well as many different flower shapes: from single to double flowered and spider to pom-poms.

Chrys f 3

Representing health and happiness, Chrysanths make the perfect gift or just looks great on any reception desk.

Chrys f 5