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VIP (Very Important Plants) of The Green Room

on Friday, 20 May 2022. Posted in News

We are just a few days away from the 2022 RHS Chelsea Flower Show ready to inspire everyone. Last year we saw an introduction of a new section dedicated to and celebrating houseplants at the Show. We expect this area will be one of the favourite places to visit again as the popularity of green companions and plant parenting grows steadily each year.


The green room 1


In the meantime, we would like to remind you and celebrate plants@work Ambassador Ian Drummond’s Award-winning exhibit from last year. “The Green Room” designed by Ian in collaboration with Malvern Garden Buildings featured a structure filled with houseplants. It was one of six Houseplant Studios at RHS Chelsea 2021 designed to show visitors the benefits of bringing the outdoors indoors by creating stunning indoor gardens.
Ian said “I really wanted to do something that was different and fun so in a brainstorming meeting we came up with the Green Room – a VIP hangout with the building “suspended” in a giant neon pink macramé hanger. It was a conceptual design that explored the relationship between plants and people and showed us that plants are for everyone and that you should have fun with them.”
The Green Room Chelsea
All of the plants Ian used had played an important role within his interior landscaping career. They became his firm favourites and he calls them "his celebrity plants" They have all been used during special and very glamorous events such as London Fashion Week, Bafta and Elton John's parties and Charity balls.
The Green Room
Here is a focus on just a few...
the green room 5
Vanda orchids are primarily epiphytic, they love high humidity, high temperatures, bright light and good airf low. Water the roots daily over/in the shower.
This spectacular plant became Ian’s signature plant which he used in many of his installations and events including London Fashion Week.
 the green room 8
Calatheas prefer filtered indirect light, consider using a peaty potting mix that's light and airy. Water regularly to keep consistently moist but not soggy.
Boldly marked in a dazzling array of colours the plants’ claim to fame was the back stage installation at Bafta in the Green Room.
Chelsea Medinilla
One of the most flamboyant of the house plants that demand centre stage, Ian has previously used them at Elton John's White Tie and Tiara ball.
Medinilla was also plants@work Favourite Office Plant of 2015. If you consider becoming a plant parent to this plant please remember to keep it in dappled shade as direct sun will scorch the leaves. It grows well in orchid potting mix. Soil should be kept moist but not soggy. Please remember that this plant also requires a warm humid environment.
the green room 4
Tillansidias belong to the Bromeliad family and they do best in a sunny spot but not direct sun, they prefer good draining soil and appreciate warm humid conditions. Water every couple of weeks, they are happiest then.
Another very flamboyant plant choice from Ian that has been used during London 2012 Olympics and the London Design Festival.
the green room3
They enjoy light, bright but not direct sunlight, well-drained potting mix is essential, water from the bottom avoiding water on the leaves, keep soil moist, they love humidity.
Ian has worked with this plant on many occasions and wants to bring them back into the spotlight. They were his late mother’s favourite house plant and she was his biggest supporter. At Chelsea last year he labelled them under "VIP PLANT" as a tribute to her.
Ian told us “Owning and caring for houseplants is therapeutic and fun for all ages. Finding space for indoor gardening triggers creativity, fuels productivity and nurtures hope.” And we could not agree more!
The Green Room prompted Millie Hurst of Ideal Home Magazine to ask the question - Brilliant or bonkers?
Chanel de Kock from The Flower Council of Holland told her “I think it was both: absolutely brilliant, and bonkers, but bonkers in the best way! I think we all needed cheering up, so the bright pink clash against the green was really refreshing and fun.”
If you would like to read further comments please visit Millie’s article Brilliant or bonkers? The neon light-filled plant paradise from the Chelsea Flower Show 
And as for plants@work team – we say Fab, fab, fab creation that promotes houseplants!
“I loved it! Definitely, the way to get the party started, Saturday night or not! The space is definitely enhanced by all those houseplants.” said Coll Smith our marketing manager.
the green room 2