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When you buy any products or services it is essential to do your homework, to research the options and choose the best combination of quality, service and, of course, price. The market for interior landscape is not different. In the UK there are about 400 companies offering on the face of it, the same service. So how do you decide which is best for you?
One way is to go to competitive trader, but this needs a comprehensive specification - see our excellent specification guide for help in putting one together. 
Or you may prefer to look at the creative aspects for your space. Either way, you need to have confidence, the ability and professionalism of each contract you write to bid. You need look no further than the p@w membership list. All our members are fully dedicated to increasing the professionalism of the industry and give freely of their time to this cause. 
If you need a country or even Europe wide service, our members can help. If you prefer to have personal touch of smaller business, our members can help.
p@w members are serious about their industry and dedicated to providing top-quality customer care. Choose them with confidence.


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