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Amaryllis, the runner-up

on Wednesday, 04 December 2019. Posted in Latest News

Over-the-top Amaryllis was the runner-up in our Favourite Christmas Plant and we're not surprised. Grown from bulbs, its tall hollow stems support very big and blowsy blooms in a wide variety of colours and shapes.


Amaryllis 1


In pots, the bulbs are not covered with compost or stones up to the very top of the bulb. The top of the bulb becomes part of its glory. Plant your bulbs between six and eight weeks before you’d like them to bloom. The pot only needs to be just bigger than your bulb; cover just two thirds of the bulb with compost and water from the top. You should keep the soil moist but not so wet that water collects in its saucer.


Amaryllis 2


These bulbs like to be kept warm (around 20 - 25°C) to ensure they grow. Once they start to sprout make sure they are in a warm, bright spot but remember to turn them regularly as they grow so that those stems don't start bending towards the light.
Feed your Amaryllis with standard tomato fertiliser every 10 days as it grows and remember to keep that soil moist. Once your Amaryllis is in flower you can ensure it lasts longer by moving to a cooler spot.


Hippeastrum FCH lr


Waxed bulbs
You can also get these beauties as waxed bulbs which don't need planting. The wax protection means you can just place the bulb where you want to display it. A row of them make a great table setting for your celebratory Christmas meals.


Waxed A bulb

Image borrowed from Waitrose


It needs no watering; just place in good light, even sunlight and a room where the temperature stays the same avoiding drafts. The only downside to these beauties is that they will not bloom again next year.


A bulb

Image borrowed from Waitrose