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22.02.2021 plants@work celebrates 20 years of success

12.01.2021 Houseplant Appreciation Week 2021

09.11.2020 Favourite Christmas Houseplant 2020: Paper Whites

06.11.2020 Christmas Week - Bringing Christmas Cheer to the Workplace

28.10.2020 Mind the Gap, Green the Gap

04.09.2020 Virtual awards ceremony recognises plants@work membersplants@work members

14.07.2020 Sansevieria stands tall to take the title Favourite Office Plant of the Year 2020

13.07.2020 Plants are good for us wherever we work National Plants at Work Week 2020

24.06.2020 Plants our perfect partners wherever you work

20.06.2020 plants@Work elects a new committee

06.04.2020 The Interior Landscaping industry calls for a rescue package

17.11.2019 The favourite Christmas plant 2019 is ...the Poinsettia

06.04.2018 Green spaces are great for our mental health

09.03.2017 Nature improves energy levels and is good for our physical and mental health

03.04.2016 Fifteen Years and Counting - with One Voice

11.03.2015 More evidence that green is good for us

10.11.2014 Air Pollution kills

01.10.2014 Bring the plants in

09.09.2014 Study shows that plants really do improve productivity in the office

09.06.2014 efig defends interior planting again

02.06.2014 efig responds to article in The Guardian

08.05.2014 What makes us happier at work

20.09.2011. Greening the Great Indoors for Human Health and Wellbeing

10.03.2010 UK workers more stressed than other Europeans

03.11.2013 Desk plants for improved productivity

08.07.2010 5 Reasons Not to Get Rid of Plants

07.05.2010 Going Green The New Status Symbol

07.07.2009 The Key to a Satisfied Workforce

01.03.2001 Interior Landscapers Fight Back