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Indoor Air Pollution:

  • Use of living pot-plants to cleanse indoor air Rough Guide to Sustainability by Brian Edwards with Paul Hyatt Environmental Supplement, The Guardian January 2000
  • Removal efficiency and mechanisms of formaldehyde by five species of plants in air-plant-water system by Yuhong Su, Hanxiao Liang, Suya Zhao &Kaiyan Liu
  • Characterization of microbial species in a regenerative bio-filter system for volatile organic compound removal by Wen-Hsuan Huang, Zhiqiang Wang, Geetika Choudhary, Beverly Guo, Jianshun Zhang &Dacheng Ren
  • Potted-plant/growth media interactions and capacities for removal of volatiles from indoor air by R. A. Wood, R. L. Orwell, J. Tarran, F. Torpy &M. Burchett
  • Evaluating Sources of Indoor Air Pollution by Bruce A. Tichenor, Leslie A. Sparks, James B. White & Merrill D. Jackson
  • Could Houseplants Improve Indoor air quality in Schools? by P. N. Pegas, C. A. Alves, T. Nunes, E. F. Bate-Epey, M. Evtyugina &C. A. Pio



  • Biophilia by Edward O. Wilson


 Green Roofs:


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