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 plants@work is a not-for-profit trade association. By working together, we can raise standards, share information, and represent our industry as a group.          
The role of plants@work
  • to represent and protect the collective interests of the interior landscaping industry as a group 
  • to market and promote the interior landscaping industry to the wider audience of government and other agencies, businesses, media and general public
  • to monitor and improve industry standards
  • to provide useful market information and advice for the industry
  • to facilitate networking and business opportunities for members
Gain a competitive edge among Interior landscaping professionals
plants@work offers a wide range of services and benefits to its members and the association’s logo is a mark of distinction for all of its members, and it is recognised by potential customers as a sign of a good interior landscape practice.
plants@work represents the Interior Landscaping Industry as a group, so our influence is greater. plants@work has been or is in dialogue with government bodies and other organisations/associations (DTI, HSE, DEFRA, Green Building Council, GPGB, BRE etc) to promote and protect our business.
Business Opportunities
New business development opportunities arise from being a member of plants@work. Enquiries from prospective clients come from the plants@work website under “Find a Member” and from plants@work continuously promoting the Benefits of Plants to specifiers.
Connect with like-minded professionals who share a passion for creating inspiring work environments. Networking opportunities with industry leaders can foster valuable connections and collaboration. It can also lead to new business opportunities from “passed-on jobs” and to better relationships between members and suppliers within the industry.
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
This policy together with the Code of Conduct forms the core principles within which our industry should operate. Implementing plants@work Equality and Diversity Policy is more than a legal requirement; it is a strategic decision that sets us and our members apart as an organisation committed to excellence and fairness. This policy is a mark of distinction that reflects our unwavering commitment to creating an environment where everyone can thrive.
The plants@work website represents the industry as a whole and is independent and unbiased. It is a useful source of information for specifiers and allows them to “Find a Contractor”. All plants@work members have their own page on the website and the option of a direct link to their own website. A website is a valuable marketing tool.
Annual Leaf Awards
plants@work acknowledge that to maintain high standards within our industry we need to recognise and reward quality and excellent workmanship. Awards which are presented at our Annual Ceremony and winners are widely publicised within the industry, the trade press and on social media, increasing your visibility within the professional community.
Interior Landscaper Award
This initiative to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals in the field of interior landscaping. As we strive to elevate the standards of our industry, we invite all members to participate by nominating deserving candidates who have demonstrated excellence in creating inspiring indoor environments or bring special contributions to their companies.
plants@work promotes the Interior Landscaping industry in a number of ways. Releases and articles are sent to the industry sector press (Facilities Managers, Architects and Interior Designers) on a regular basis, championing and promoting the use of plants.
Social Medial Marketing
plants@work uses social media (X (Twitter), FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) to spread information about the industry and the benefits of plants.
Marketing Material
Our publications ‘Plants for Wellbeing’ and ‘Plants our Perfect Partners’ cover much of the research into plant benefits which has been carried out over the years. All members can order copies of this book and customise them with their logo and company information. This is an invaluable tool for promoting the benefits of interior landscaping to potential clients.
Special Campaigns
‘National Plants at Work Week’, ‘Office Plant of the Year’, ‘Houseplant Appreciation Week’, ‘International Interior Landscaper Day’ are examples of the campaigns that plants@work has devised and successfully runs throughout the year promoting interior landscaping and plant benefits on social media and to a wider audience.
Press Releases
Showcase your commitment to creating healthier workspaces. Members have the opportunity to be featured in association materials, gaining recognition for their contributions. plants@work publishes members’ press releases on our website and social media, spotlighting your news and excellent work and achievements. Press release templates are available for our members. Press release writing services are available too.
To keep you at the forefront of interior landscaping research, plants@work monitors scientific publications which enables the association to create the database of comprehensive resources which is provided in a centralised hub for relevant materials and information.
Community Engagement
Membership in a vibrant and supportive community of like-minded professionals, any problems or questions and idea-sharing can be addressed on plants@work WhatsApp group which is available to all our members.
Opportunities to participate as a speaker or presenter, showcasing your expertise to a broader audience. Enjoy priority access to workshops, webinars, and events led by industry experts. Stay at the forefront of trends and innovations in the field of biophilic design.
Suppliers’ Market Place
On-line lunchtime sessions during which plants@work suppliers present their products.
Training Programme:
plants@work continues to develop a Training Programme for Technicians, Supervisors and Managers to improve the overall standards within our industry. Training is available to all, however, plants@work members receive priority booking and significant discounts.
DVD Library:
plants@work has invested in an extensive library of Training DVDs which are only available for members to borrow free of charge. Members can then schedule in-house training without having to purchase expensive training DVDs.
Job Vacancies:
Members can advertise their vacancies free of charge on the plants@work website and the adverts are publicised on our social media.
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