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One of the very best things about the interior landscaping industry is that it's constantly evolving and redefining itself. You'll find yourself working in an environment that will change the approach to aesthetics and fashion. This constant reinvention and willingness to try new ideas means that our industry is exciting and challenging. 
As an interior landscaper, you will often be tasked with creating pleasant workspaces and also spaces that act as the company's 'visiting card', therefore you will be the person who controls the user's experience. It's an important and incredibly rewarding position to be in. 
Here are a few things that our members have told us about working for the interior landscaping industry:

M Evans

Madeleine Evans

p@w Chair

In 2002 I started with Rentokil Tropical Plants, which later re-branded as Ambius, on the recommendation of a recruitment consultant – I had no idea the industry existed until he told me about the job and then I became more and more interested as the recruitment process went on and was delighted to get the job. I now work for Tivoli Group as Account Manager.
The Interior landscaping industry is very friendly and there is always something new to learn, also people are generally pleased to see us as we are enhancing their working environment.
What I love about my job is working with plants and preparing designs and also going into lots of interesting buildings and meeting new people every day – basically being nosy! The worst part of my job is when you have to compromise on a design or concept to meet a tight budget and the whole impact of the planting is reduced.




Ian Drummond   p@w Ambassador

Working with plants is all I have ever wanted to do! My earliest memory is of planting a window box with my father, and from the age of 8, I was helping my disabled Aunt with her garden. I began in the industry at 16, with an Apprenticeship at Ken Hayford. Now I am a Creative Director at Indoor Garden Design Ltd.
I love nature! And I love people! I really enjoy meeting people and our industry really is filled with nice people!



Paul GoldingPaul Golding   Technician

When I left school I got an opportunity to become a gardener and after 8 years I joined Enterprise Plants in my 20's and have been working for them ever since.
What I love about the industry the most is the variety - visiting different places and caring for plants. There is nothing better than pruning Ficus into perfect ball shapes and standing back; making a difference when a replant is needed.
Working for a good company has inspired me. I get credit when deserved and recognition for my achievements and commitment.



Micky DSantos

 Micky D'Santos   Technician

I came to Green Team Interiors to help out one Christmas and loved it so much I have never left. 
I love the variety of the job as no two days are alike. I have a passion for plants and the great enjoyment of meeting customers and watching their delight in the plant displays we provide. There is nothing better than to see plants growing happily in their new surroundings. 
I  was awarded a Technicians Award of 2016, one of my proudest moments. 




 Lesley Ireland   Technician

I have always enjoyed gardening and love plants and flowers, I was unhappy in my last job, saw a vacancy at GP Plantsacpes and went for it! I am relatively new to the interior landscaping industry but there is nothing better than when you are leaving a site and customer comments on how good their plants are.


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